scanare_20170111-11     IMG_0296

 REGLINDIS – marble 65x37x24cm       CHIRON – marble 80x63x5cm


AMAZONBronze-60cm H                               AMORETTIBronze-120 cm H

  doria          scanare_20170111-9

DORIA- marble-56x45x7cm                        NURIA – marble-56x43x7cm


ANUNCIATIONWood-150cmx80cm                BALLERINABronze-50 cm H


BRIDESandstone-85cm H           PLACIDIA–marble  50 x 46 x 7,5 cm


CENTAURBronze-60cm H                       CENTAURESSBronze-71cm H

relief       img_0770

CENTAURESS-Al-120cmx90cm              DAMARIS – marble – 62 x 20 x 25 cm


LA CUMPARSITA – bronze – 46 x 59 x 22 cm


CHIMERA-Bronze-65cm H                         DANCING-GIRLSWood-240cm H


EULALIA-Wood-150cmx126cm                  FLORENCEMarble-44cmx36cm


 GEORGINA-Bronze -42x24x24cm       EUGENIA – Bronze -41x20x24cm


HARLEQUIN- Wood– 270c m H                    PRIMAVERA-Bronze-68cmx36cm 


HEREFORDBronze-25cm H


  KENTAUROSBronze-50cm H


MADONNABronze-91cmx65cm                          MANDOLINOBronze-50cm H


MATERNITYBronze-68cm x36cm      LUDOVINE  -marble75x45x25 cm


MINSTRELWood-130cm x120cm




MUSIC-Bronze-45cm H                                  NICK-Bronze-50cm H


OFRANDEPlaster-240cm H                         OMARWood-85cm H


PARKES Bronze-130cm H                          PERSIANWood-85cm H



PRINCIPESAMarble-60 cm H                   PROFESSOR-Clay-50cm H


                     RIDERBronze-150cm H


SATYRBronze-47cm H                        SEATED-DANCERBronze-25cm H

scanare-3-micsorata2      galatea

HOMBRE – wood – 96 x 45 x 50cm                    GALATEA – bronze – 46 cm H


NORLAILA – 140 x45 x 40 cm – wood



  1. Felicitari!…ai o mana maiastra …ai o inima frumosa …esti un mare sculptor si un mare poet…Felicitari

  2. Hi Dan, it was nice to talk to you. You have some extremely good work! You are very talented. I will try and get some more photos and check for any cracks when I return to the quarry.
    Kind Regards Daniel Gill

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