1. numai bine!!…esti nemaipomenit…continua

  2. I like “Seraphine” the best. Warm regards, yours, Zygmunt.

  3. Hi Dan,
    I stumbled across your website (searching for sculpture on Lakes)
    I like your work very much
    Well done!!!

  4. Salut Maestre !

  5. Hello Dan ,
    Finally located your web site .
    Have enjoyed viewing your works . There are still a number of theme subjects that are not shown and I have .
    I am pleased to possess your skilled works in my collection and able to view them daily .
    Do you still have copies of your book available .
    Fabulous works of art that one can treasure always .
    My best wishes ,

  6. Hi Dan , I hope you are still well & creating your masterpieces. I would love to complete my trilogy ie have you sculpt my son, maxim . He missed out when you did the girls ( Georgina & Eugenia) . He lives in Uk but is coming to Sydney at Xmas & then again mid year.
    Again your work makes our world beautiful & I sincerely hope all is well with you& I would very much appreciate hearing from you Mara

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